Stone & Compass Center

Located in Stolat, Bulgaria, the Stone & Compass center is convenient for quick day-trips to many of Bulgaria's cultural and geological treasures.

The entire country is about the size of Pennsylvania, so even its furthest points of interest are easily reached from our central location.


Quick day trips

Veliko Tarnovo - Home of the medieval fortress of Tsaravets and a quaint cobblestone street market.

Gabrovo (Etara) - A 30-minute drive East lands you hundreds of years into the past as you visit Etara, a living museum.

Emen Canyon - Hike through a beautiful canyon to a refreshing waterfall. Maybe do some rock climbing!

Krushuna/Devetashka - 20 miles north of Stolat is Krushuna, a series of waterfalls turned Summer waterpark.

Further afield

Plovdiv - Selected the European Union's 2019 Capital of Culture, boasting over 200 archeological sites.

Sofia - Capital and largest city of Bulgaria, most tours begin with a day exploring this historic cultural gem.

Rila - South of Sofia, the Rila mountains hold the Rila Monastery and the 7 Rila Lakes.

Varna - Situated on the picturesque Black Sea, even distant Varna is only a 3 hour drive from the Stone & Compass center.


The "Center" at Stone & Compass features a variety of amenities so you can make the most out of your visit with us, whether for business or pleasure (or a little of both). We strive to offer state of the art facilities in a rustic Balkan setting for an unforgettable experience that will fondly stay with you for years to come.



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