Lazy Day Harvest

Last night Cole and I returned to Stolat, otherwise known as "The Center" at Stone & Compass, after leading a wonderful group of guests on a 14 day tour of Bulgaria. We saw many sites (posts about this coming shortly) and had a wonderful time meeting faculty and students from California State University, Dominguez Hills.  

This morning I awoke with the sun to have my coffee in the barn while Cole slept and slept and slept. Laziness was the name I had assigned to this particular day - a day we would not have an agenda or need to answer to anyone - we would just follow our individual desires moment-to-moment.

After some laundry (answering to my own desire to wear clean clothes), reading, cards, drawing, talking and swinging in hammocks we found ourselves wandering the property in the late afternoon sun.  

Harvesting fruit was easy with the trees basically throwing their bearings at our feet.  Within moments, and just a few paces from our kitchen door, we collected the following stash. 


Since this is our first summer on the property it is fun to see what established trees produce what fruits. Our afternoon harvest, as you can see, didn't last much past the snapping of these photos. 

Cole reaping the benefits of picking. 

Cole reaping the benefits of picking. 

There are still a lot of fruit on the trees . . .so for any folks who would like to visit Stone & Compass we would be happy to share.  Soon to come will be the grapes and pears (multiple varieties) - I remember from last fall!

Off to make some dinner, enjoy the sunset, and later the moon (if we can stay up).  Tomorrow starts some serious preparations for our next tour of 50 guests coming from the east coast of the USA. Will post some of the highlights of the last tour in between preparations over the next week.