Population - 129,163,276

Capital - Mexico City

Official language - Spanish


In collaboration with The Green Go Solar Project, we have established a project in Baja, Mexico. The project aims to train community members in effective reuse of cosmetically defective solar cells from the waste stream of the manufacturing process. The cosmetic defects of the solar cells have rendered them unsuitable for use in retail-grade solar panels, which would constitute them as a waste product having a negative impact on the on the environment. These solar cells are refurbished for more sustainable infrastructure within the communities.

Simultaneously, community members receive valuable education regarding how the infrastructure can provide energy and revenue for the community with little to no overhead cost, with excess energy having the potential to be sold back to the local governments. Students work with The Green Go Solar Project to install the solar panels, meet the families, and find a way to enjoy Baja through eco-friendly means.

Project partners


The Green Go Solar Project  Founder  Keith Bonarrigo

The Green Go Solar Project Founder Keith Bonarrigo

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