Republic of Serbia

Population - 7,022,268

Capital - Belgrade

Official language - Serbian


Through a partnership with an incredible young couple, Lana & Bojan Catic, we have supported a project involving a sustainable organic hazelnut farm in a small village just north of Belgrade. Through profits from this hazelnut farm which, after years of hard work developed into a hazelnut, honey, and fruit farm, the Catics aspire to provide infrastructural services to the local village, stimulate the economy, and protect the natural resources by utilizing organic and best practices in agriculture.

Simultaneously, the stakeholders are creating a high school service learning trip in collaboration with the S&C youth interns. Service trips will include full cultural immersion as well as collective work on the community infrastructure projects. This project is a great example of how to use the Sustainable Partnership model; the initial connection has developed into an opportunity to educate one another as well as international individuals which is inspiring the U.S. students, stakeholders, and the local community.

See the blog post of two interns who travelled to Serbia to work directly with Lana & Bojan on creating the Service Learning Trips.

Project partners


Lana  &  Bojan Catic

Lana & Bojan Catic

S&C interns

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Dig into Serbia: Service Learning Trip | July 6 - July 16, 2020
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