Population - 50,950,879

Capital - Nairobi

Official language - Swahili & English


In collaboration with stakeholders from the Maasai, we have initiated plans to establish a mutually beneficial and sustainable partnership with the goal of showcasing the Maasai culture. In order to manufacture a cultural hub/museum to preserve and promote the Maasai society, culturally immersive tours will be created.

Tours will include both cross cultural connections as well as wildlife exploration through Maasai-led safari tours, with in-home stays that encourage authentic human connections. We also hope to incorporate academic style programs into these trips, allowing U.S. students to connect with professors and local institutions to foster a sharing of knowledge. The final realm of tours that we will offer are volunteer and service trips, where individuals of all ages can travel to Kenya and assist the community with infrastructure or various project needs.

Within the cultural museum, Maasai women will display and sell authentic crafts to both visitors of the museum as well as on the Stone & Compass Global Artisan Market.

Project partners


Leah Moiko , Julie Kiernan,  Francis Ole Sakuda , Rob Goodwin,  Jackline Koin ,  Darren Kew

Leah Moiko, Julie Kiernan, Francis Ole Sakuda, Rob Goodwin, Jackline Koin, Darren Kew

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