Special Thanks

Children dance during a rose picking ritual at the annual Rose Festival in the Thracian Valley, Bulgaria Photo: Laura Downing

I would like to say a special thank you to some very important people in my life who are instrumental in helping to build the Stone and Compass Retreat.

To Colin and Erika, Steve and Carolyn, Steve and Marla, Tom and Lynnee, Ms. Anita, Carole and Dave, Christine and Tom, and the residents of Shore Cliff Condominiums: I wish to say a heartfelt and sincere thank you! It is an absolute pleasure to work for all of you each and every day and help create and maintain your own dream properties; the end result of that hard work has been the creation of my own dream; this global project which will bring together people from around the world to collaborate and formulate ideas on education, eco-toursim, cultural preservation, and above all else enjoyment in all that the Balkans has to offer. I truly am the luckiest person in the world!

To my wife: You are an amazing person who has always stood by me as I moved forward in creating this epic dream. I could not do it without you and it is going to be a profound experience for both you and our son Cole now that the retreat is officially becoming a reality!

To my extended family: Joan and Hoop, Dana and Barb, Auntie Auntie, Jen and Jim-you have always been there regardless of how crazy my ideas were and now you all get to see those ideas finally take shape in something quite profound and extraordinary which will help change many lives for the better. 

To my new Team: You are all special and unique! Yet you all possess one thing in common: The ability to put others first and think with your heart! It is for this reason above all others that you were chosen for this once in a lifetime opportunity and I am honored that you are with me.

To all of you, I sincerely thank you from the bottom of my heart and hope you all enjoy watching as the Stone and Compass Retreat officially becomes a reality!