Stolat Cultural Center & Theater Renovation Fund

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Fund Goal


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In 2018, Stone & Compass acquired an abandoned educational and cultural center, in the village of Stolat, Bulgaria. The center once provided the village a theater for plays and films, community library, and school but was abandoned after the fall of communism, in 1989. Our youth interns, guided by Stone & Compass staff, are working closely with local leaders and businesses to renovate the center to support programs in theater, arts, education, literacy, and health. The renovation of the center will also provide the community with long-term economic improvements by creating new jobs within the center, local business and partnership opportunities, and new tax-based revenue streams.

The Stone & Compass youth interns are rolling up their sleeves this summer to start the renovation and we need your help to support our youth interns. 100% of donations raised will go towards skilled labor, materials, and resources to support our interns renovation efforts. Stone & Compass is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization which may make your donation to us tax deductible.

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The renovated cultural center will support:

Donations by check can be sent to: Stone and Compass, P.O. Box 139, Marblehead, MA 01945

  • Intercultural Youth and Adult Theater Exchanges

  • Literacy Programs

  • Intercultural Library

  • Cultural Museum

  • Small Business Opportunities

  • Vocational Training

  • Community Health Center

Youth Making a Difference

Our Stone & Compass youth interns have taken leadership roles on this project by connecting with Bulgarian delegates at the United Nations to gain support for the project, developing project plans for the renovation process, and recruiting youth to join this summer’s Service Learning trips.

This summer, Stone & Compass will conduct three Service Learning trips for high school and college students to kick-off the renovation project. This includes cataloging numerous historical artifacts within the center and working with local youth and adults to renovate the center.


Promoting Cultural Diversity


Community centers play a crucial role in villages by providing a safe space for everyone to gather as a community to share and exchange culture and knowledge in order to safeguard and promote heritage, express creativity, and facilitate intercultural dialog.

Stone & Compass’ vision for the project is to provide a safe space open to the entire local and global community that not only supports local educational and cultural needs but also provides a unique opportunity to engage in rich and deep intercultural exchange.

Economic Support in Stolat


Nestled in the foothills of the Balkan Mountains, Stolat is a small village in the Sevlievo municipality, in Gabrovo Province. Stolat became its own municipality 130 years ago but the area has had inhabitants dating back to the end of the Stone Age about 12,000 years ago. After communism fell, in 1989, the population of villages like Stolat have steadily declined. Some villages have been completely wiped off the map as youth moved to cities for work or left the country to work abroad.

Stone & Compass’ investment in the village of Stolat will help provide sustainable job and business opportunities, vocational training, and tourism activities to help revitalize the local economy and population.