Sustainable Development Projects

Our mission at Stone & Compass is to incubate global change through personal connection. We utilize our global connections to develop sustainable projects such as tours, business ventures, and humanitarian programs through our sustainable project model. We strive to invigorate communities with financial security, peace, happiness, and hope. 

Our relationships with our stakeholders inspire us to bypass physical and ideological boundaries. These human to human connections are what set us apart from other entities and allow us to commit to spreading change.

We follow a sustainable project model to connect, educate, and inspire people to get involved in our projects and foster global change.

Sustainable Partnership Model

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Stone & Compass partnerships and projects apply to 15 of the 17 UN 2030 Sustainable Development Goals.

Partnership Projects

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Global Artisan Market

Global Artisan Market

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In addition this these NGO organizations, funding is reserved to underwrite access to programs for those in need including scholarships for students and programs for organizations at minimal costs. For more information about such programs contact us.