Bulgarian Service Learning Spring Break Tour | March 8 - 16, 2019


Bulgarian Service Learning Spring Break Tour | March 8 - 16, 2019


Experience culture, heritage, and community building during this service learning trip in the heart of Bulgaria.  Especially designed for university students & faculty.  All are welcome.

To secure your place on this trip (maximum of 24 allowed) $1000.00 is due in full.

For additional information please contact info@stoneandcompass.com

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Do you love working with your hands, heart, and mind all while making a difference?

Then this trip to Bulgaria is just for you! Stone & Compass purchased a theatre near our center in Stolat, Bulgaria. Take a “hands on approach” as you help transform this abandoned communist era theatre into a brand new space that can be used for programs in theater, arts, drama, summer camps, and more. You will get to know and give back to the local community for whom this theatre is designed to be a space that will help create community.  The local population will have access to all that this theatre can offer. The week will include a cultural dinner hosted by Stone & Compass and all of you; our service learning travelers!

In addition to the service provided in refurbishing the theatre, travelers share in the rich heritage of Bulgaria and see history come to life as we visit museums and historical sites in several cities and villages including: Sofia and Veliko Tarnovo. Mingle with local people and see traditional artisans at work.  Meals of authentic Bulgarian cuisine and activities on our 2000 acre property complete your experience.


$1000.00 Covers entire ground package, flights excluded.

Entire ground package includes:

Transfers, hotels, meals, translator, Bulgarian health insurance of 30,000 euros, museum & historical sites admissions, and tour guides.


Day 1: Depart Boston
Day 2: Arrive in Sofia
Day 3: Tour Sofia & travel to the Center in Stolat, Bulgaria
Day 4: Service restoring community theatre
Day 5: Veliko Tarnovo & Tsarevets Fortress
Day 6: Service restoring community theatre & cultural dinner
Day 7: Etara, Dryanovo Monastery, & Bacho Kiro Cave
Day 8: Service restoring community theatre
Day 9: Travel to Sofia for departure