Bodies, Space and Being: Culture, Language and Wellness in Modernizing Bulgaria - Study Abroad Course with CSULB | July 6-20, 2019


Bodies, Space and Being: Culture, Language and Wellness in Modernizing Bulgaria - Study Abroad Course with CSULB | July 6-20, 2019

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Stone & Compass is excited to announce a partnership with California State University, Long Beach (CSULB) in hosting their 2-week study abroad program in Bulgaria.  Enrollment is now open for 4 different course offerings: Modernization in Global Perspective, Culture and Communication, Ethnographic Field School, and Special Topics in Anthropology. See below for full course descriptions. All courses are open to students from CSULB or other universities as well as to community members who are interested in learning about Bulgarian culture and history and ethnography. You get to choose which classes fit your interests and graduation needs: ANTH 307: Modernization in Global Perspective, ANTH 412: Culture and Communication, ANTH 440: Ethnographic Field School, and ANTH 490: Special Topics in Anthropology. You can take 1 or 2 classes on the same trip. 

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Summary & Course Information

Join this trip to learn ethnographic and linguistic methods while immersed in Bulgarian languages and cultures. Bulgaria is a country that is undergoing tremendous cultural and political change as a former Soviet Bloc state and as one of the newer member states of the European Union. We will explore how these shifts continue to impact bodies, space and being, focusing on conceptualizations of language, identity, food, and consumption as part of larger issues of wellness. We will spend 10 nights in the village of Stolat in the Balkans, and travel and overnight in other locations around the country, including the capital city of Sophia. You will also spend time with seniors at the Elderly Center of Stolat.

To learn more about the different course offerings and/or to apply to this program at CSULB click on the link below.

 ANTH 307 Modernization in Global Perspective

ANTH 412 Culture and Communication


$1400.00 is the price for the Bulgaria lodging/food portion of the trip payable to Stone & Compass. Reserve your spot by choosing the $100 deposit by April 15th. Remainder of $1,300 is due by June 15th 2019. 
*Flights & course registration costs not included in the $1400.00 price. 
Contact the CSULB links above for course enrollment information and to pay for course registration.

$1400.00 includes:

All Bulgarian ground transportation, ALL hotels, ALL meals, translator, Bulgarian health insurance of 30,000 euros, museum & historical sites admissions, and tour guides. 


Day One: Leave LAX and travel to Sophia, Bulgaria
Day Two: Arrive Sophia
Day Three: Walking tour of Sophia, Ethnographic Museum and Communist tour
Day Four: Veliko Tarnovo University linguistics professor, visit Veliko Tarnovo
Day Five: Stolat Elderly Center and visit the theater
Day Six: Gorno Airport development and Arbanasi
Day Seven: Friday Farmers Market and Bulgarian Cooking
Day Eight: Hike Emen Gorge
Day Nine: Rest day
Day Ten: Amalipe
Day Eleven: Rest day (and/or revisit Stolat Senior Center)
Day Twelve: Devatashka cave
Day Thirteen: Gabrovo Museums and Etara
Day Fourteen: Return to Sophia
Day Fifteen: Fly Home