Extension Trip: Black Sea | Various Dates


Extension Trip: Black Sea | Various Dates


*Price is $375.00 USD per person - increase quantity below when purchasing more than one traveler's extension trip at one time.

Keep the vacation going with a visit to the Black Sea on this 4 day 3 night extension tour. 

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Day One:  Starting off at the Stone & Compass Center in Stolat, Bulgaria we will drive over the Balkan Mountain range to the southern Black Sea coastal town of Sozopol. Along the way, you can stretch your legs at the historic Shipka Monument, where the Bulgarian people finally defeated the Ottoman Empire and 500 years of oppression. This site offers unparalleled 360 degree views of Bulgaria. You will arrive in Sozopol this first night with time to enjoy dinner at one of the many seaside restaurants overlooking the Black Sea.  This first day would be your last day on a prior trip - instead of getting up with the other guests and heading off to the airport, you start a new adventure!

Day Two:  Rise in Sozopol to the soothing sounds of waves crashing against the rocks below your window. Enjoy a fresh fruit crepe for breakfast. Explore Sozopol, the oldest town in Bulgaria, established in 610 BC. Stroll through the charming promenade market. Spend the afternoon relaxing on the beach or swimming in the Black Sea. Ruins of ancient Roman Villas stand as neighbors to modern beach-side hotels in this town that time forgot. Two days relaxation here will help you understand why.

Day Three:  You may either choose to enjoy another relaxing day in this historic town or take an excursion down toward the Turkish border to a unique beach where a river meets the sea. Get off the beaten path and see the Black Sea coast.

Day Four:  Awaken once more to the sounds, sights, and scent of the Black Sea before heading back to Sofia to start your journey home. You may find that the distance passes quickly on the drive as you take the time to consider all you've experienced throughout your time in Bulgaria. Upon arrival in Sofia, enjoy an evening tour of the city and a relaxing dinner.

Day Five:  One final time packing, be sure not to leave anything behind. Who knows when you'll be back? Perhaps next year? Either way, you will thank yourself for extending your trip to create these lasting memories.