Endicott Alumni - Portugal, Spain and France | October 5 - 16, 2019

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Endicott Alumni - Portugal, Spain and France | October 5 - 16, 2019

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Come experience Southwestern Europe.  Learn about the history of this region in an intimate and personalized way.  Meet locals and taste authentic food as we explore across Portugal, Spain and France.

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Explore the entire Southwestern region of Europe, including several locations across the Iberian Peninsula. Starting off in Lisbon, Portugal, see how this port city was the center of the Western world in the 1500s. Then on to Seville, Spain, inspiration of many classic artists. From there, see Granada, home of the Court of King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella in the 14th century. Then complete the Iberian Peninsula in the capital of Spain, Madrid. From there, visit the French Riviera in beautiful Nice. The trip will end with two days in Paris.


$3975.00 All inclusive, flights from any major airport in the USA. Total cost is broken down into three payments: $100 trip deposit, second payment of $1000.00 (due 7/1/19) and remainder $2875.00 (due 9/1/19) 

All inclusive includes:

Flights, ALL hotels, ALL meals, translator, site visits, museum & historical site admissions, transportation, and tour guides. 


Day 1 & 2: Travel to Lisbon, Portugal
Day 3: Lisbon, Portugal
Day 4: Lisbon, Portugal
Day 5: Seville, Spain
Day 6: Seville, Spain
Day 7: Granada, Spain
Day 8: Madrid, Spain
Day 9: Nice, France
Day 10: Paris, France
Day 11: Paris, France
Day 12: Return to USA flight from Paris