Greece, Black Sea Coast, and Macedonia: A trip through the Empire of Alexander the Great

October 5-16, 2018


Greece, Black Sea Coast, and Macedonia: A trip through the Empire of Alexander the Great

October 5-16, 2018


Tour the Southern Balkans and Mediterranean and step back in time to a period of empires, expansion, and artistic development.  Visit sites and cities with rich history that spans 9000 years.

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Follow in the footsteps of Alexander the Great as we travel through three countries on this incredible journey.  Visit ancient ruins, archeological sites, museums, and villages that were all once part of the mighty Macedonian Empire.  Expand our travels through Greek civilization, Roman influences and all the way to modern day cities.  Taste incredible food, learn about various cultures that call these lands home today and immerse in breathtaking beauty in natural settings.


$3400.00 All inclusive, flights from any major airport in the USA to Skopje, Macedonia. (due June 1, 2018)

All inclusive includes:

Price includes ALL hotels, ALL meals, translator, insurance, all transportation and all admissions to sites.


Day 1 & 2: Travel to Skopje, Macedonia
Day 3: Skopje, Macedonia
Day 4: Lake Matke region, Macedonia
Day 5: Travel to Greece
Day 6: Thessaloniki, Greece
Day 7: Greece
Day 8: Plovdiv, Bulgaria
Day 9: Sozopal, Bulgaria
Day 10: Nessebar, Bulgaria
Day 11: Varna, Bulgaria
Day 12: Return to USA flight from Varna



Days 1 through 4


Arrive in Skopje, Macedonia.  After meeting Stone & Compass staff and checking into the hotel, enjoy a traditional welcome dinner. Visit the old Bazaar, an ancient cobblestone area filled with craft shops and traditional artisans. Cross a stone bridge to visit Macedonia Square and the archeological museum.  Enjoy touring “Kale” the 6th century fortress that once protected the city. Spend the morning traveling to the Lake Matke region.  Take a guided boat tour on the lake. Visit St. Andrea Monastery. Travel to famous lake Ohrid region A UNESCO world heritage site “referred to as the Jerusalem of the Balkans.” Visit many ancient Greek and Byzantine historical sites.

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Days 5 through 7


Travel to Thessaloniki, Greece. Take a guided Greek food tour through the Modiano Food Market. Visit attractions such as The White Tower, St Dimitrios Church, Aristoteloous Square, Saint Sofia Chruch, and The Rotunda. Museums include Kermal Ataturk Museum, Museum of Macedonian Struggles, and Archeological Museum. Rest after your tour at a beautiful seaside café for dinner.  Spend the morning taking one last look at Greece in the Ladadika District, an area of cobblestone streets, great traditional shops, and wonderful cafes. In the afternoon head to Bulgaria.  Arrive in Plovdiv where a special Armenian dinner awaits you.



Days 8 through 12


Plovdiv is the second oldest inhabited city in Europe and the 2019 UNESCO European Cultural Capital. A Roman theatre and coliseum will amaze you.  Visiting the TrakArt Museum you will see roman mosaic floors exactly where they were placed 1700 years ago. As you travel through Bulgaria you will view 9000 years of history. The coastal towns, of Sozopal and Nessabar are nestled along the Black Sea, both are ancient walled cities complete with fortifications, ruins, archaeological sites, old churches, shops, incredible cafes, and wonderful museums. In Varna see an ecological wonder “The Stone Forest” this grouping of ancient coral structures is surrounded by one of the only two national deserts in all of Europe as you finish up your trip in Varna.