Raffle for Interns


Raffle for Interns


Each $100.00 ticket is one of two hundred tickets that will be sold for this raffle. By buying a ticket, you are entered into a chance to win an all-inclusive trip (plane tickets included) for four people to travel on any Stone & Compass trip. This prize has a minimum face value of $12,000! You are welcome to travel to any place that Stone & Compass offers a tour to:

  • Baja, Mexico

  • Italy

  • Bosnia & Herzegovina

  • Croatia

  • Greece, Black Sea Coast, Macedonia

  • Romania & Black Sea Coast

  • Cambodia

  • Southern England & Cornwall

For more information on each of these trips, visit the S&C tour page.

After completing your purchase the raffle ticket will be sent to you. Drawing will happen after the 200 tickets are sold. If you have any questions you can email info@stoneandcompass.com

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Why take this chance?

The Stone & Compass Raffle is a completely intern run fundraiser. The money raised through the raffle will support the interns in their global work with the projects each intern is involved in. In the summer of 2019, the interns will be taking a 4 country tour in Europe to put their hard work into action.

In Bulgaria, they will be developing a school for students with learning disabilities to give them learning opportunities they otherwise wouldn't have access to. In addition, the will be building summer camps to connect local youth and teach them important life skills through games and activities. These summer camps will be free to the Bulgarian children. The money raised in the raffle will help to make this possible.

In Kosovo, the interns will be connecting local youth and inspiring them to work hard. Their country has faced devastation so it is important to the interns to show the children that they are capable of creating bright futures for themselves.

In Bosnia Herzgovina, the interns will be working with Arheon BIH to help them restore cultural cites that were damaged during the Balkan wars.

In Serbia, the interns will be learning about and working on a local hazelnut farm. The interns will get their hands dirty in the fields and also learn about the distribution and marketing process that helps the farm to create a profit and remain sustainable. But none of these life changing opportunities will be possible without some hard work, research, and fundraising.