Sicily, Amalfi Coast and Croatia | September 4 - 17, 2019

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Sicily, Amalfi Coast and Croatia | September 4 - 17, 2019


Travel through the coastal regions of Sicily, the Amalfi Coast and Croatia.  Through this 14-day trip you will become intimately familiar with the food, architecture, history and culture of three distinct areas of the central Mediterranean Sea.

Tour Dates:

  • August 1 - 14, 2019 (view)

  • September 4 - 17, 2019 (currently viewing)

The full amount $3,875.00 is due by June 1, 2019. 

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This tour is focused entirely on Southern Italy and Croatia. During this 14-day tour you will explore the island of Sicily, visit the famed Amalfi Coast, and then fly off to enjoy Croatia. Visitors will gain a thorough appreciation for the deep and colorful history of Sicily that is unique from that of the rest of Italy. First, with a historical review of the entire island conducted in a walking tour of Palermo. Then we visit a winery, with a tasting of several delicious Sicilian wines in Mazara del Vallo. An afternoon is spent learning how to cook and enjoy the delicacies of Sicily together with the favorite wines from our tasting. We also get to visit the third phase of Stone and Compass in Petralia Soprana, an amazing mountain town where we are building another international travel center. From there, the group travels on to stay in Taormina, where we will experience more of the Greek history of Sicily, first with the Greek Theater. Then it is off to explore the ancient Greek ruins in Syracuse and stroll the beautiful seaside port peninsula of Ortigia. The next stop takes us to the ruins of Pompei. Then we continue on to the colorful Amalfi Coast, first with a stay in Sorrento. The next day we enjoy the hillside town of Positano. We finish the Amalfi Coastal portion of our trip at the beaches of Amalfi and Atrani. Then we fly to Croatia. After arriving in the capital, Zagreb, we spend the next several days traipsing along the Adriatic coast through Pula, Zadar, Split and Dubrovnik.


$3,875.00 All inclusive (flights are out of Boston Logan Airport) An additional fee of $150 will be added for any participant who needs to fly out of any other major airport in the USA.

All inclusive includes:

Flights, ALL hotels, ALL meals, translator, site visits, museum & historical site admissions, transportation, and tour guides. 


Day 1: Fly to Palermo, Sicily
Day 2: Palermo
Day 3: Palermo (Mazara del Vallo)
Day 4: Petralia Soprana/Taormina
Day 5: Syracuse/Ortigia
Day 6: Pompei/Sorrento
Day 7: Positano
Day 8: Amalfi/Atrani
Day 9: Zagreb, Croatia
Day 10: Pula
Day 11: Zadar
Day 12: Split
Day 13: Dubrovnik
Day 14: Return